The Masima affiliate system gives you the opportunity to earn money online.

You will receive a percentage of the order value after 25 days if it is completed and not returned.

Below are the steps you need to follow and explain the steps from placing an order to collecting your commission.

The images below do not contain real information for illustrative purposes

1. Enter your customer account and access the affiliate link

2. Add your IBAN account so you can transfer your commissions and save. In order to block the addition or modification of the account in case the window remains open it is necessary to enter the account password for confirmation. 

3. Copy the affiliate link by direct selection or you can use the full copy button. Distribute the affiliate link on social networks, chat, etc.

Note: Completing the IBAN code is not a mandatory requirement to distribute the link. The IBAN code can be added / modified later.

4. After placing an order with an affiliate link in the account, the amount of the commission earned will appear. 

5. It will be transferred to the account and will appear in the financial balance after 25 days if the order has not been returned or rejected by the buyer. 

6. In order to transfer the amounts from the financial balance to your personal account, you must complete a withdrawal request. To withdraw it is necessary to transfer at least the minimum amount. If you make a mistake or want to cancel a withdrawal request, you can delete the request as long as it has not been processed by the administrator. 

7. After processing the transfer request by the administrator you will find the confirmation status in the account

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