RFID genuine leather wallets

Portmoneu piele naturala, unisex, protectie RFID

Price: 149.00 lei


Portmoneu piele P20 negru RFID

Price: 179.00 lei


Portofel barbati piele naturala-Protectie RFID

Price: 129.00 lei


Portofel piele naturala barbati-Protectie RFID

Price: 139.00 lei


wallet with RFID protection

wallet with RFID protection

Price: 89.00 lei
149.00 lei


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Genuine leather wallet uses advanced RFID blocking materials that act as a barrier against RFID signals, substantially reducing the risks of electronic identity theft.


An RFID wallet is an insulated business card that blocks all wireless communications, especially RFID communications used by most new bank, debit or credit cards.


As long as your cards are kept in such a wallet, they will not be able to be scanned near or far, and your data is safe.


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